We offer our customers a fully professional and expert installation. Our experienced team of editors cope with any, even the most unusual orders.

Standard installation in unfinished buildings:

  • delivery woodwork at the installation site
  • installation of windows with anchors
  • foam the windows
  • regulation

We also offer installation layer – “warm installation”

According to the latest rules of the art and science of building a traditional assembly, ie. + Anchor polyurethane foam, may be insufficient.

Therefore inner layer must have a vapor barrier properties. From the outside, the foam will be exposed to moisture coming from rain, the outer layer should be moisture vapor permeable to any which way would evaporate and dry polyurethane foam

The aim of the “warm installation” is not acceptance moisture-insulating seal in the gap between the window and the wall. This effect is obtained by using the window on the inside of the tape vapor barrier, and the outer side of the window vapor-permeable and waterproof.

Warm mounting using expansioning tape.

Assembly involves fitting the expansion tape on a window frame, wherein the compression and the task is to seal the gap between the window and the wall.

Very fast and practical mounting. There is no need for the expansion of the foam assembly.


Warm installation of windows in a layer of insulation in energy-efficient buildings.


If the amount of the layered insulation wall is the appropriate thickness, it is preferable to mount the windows in the layer of insulation walls. The windows are mounted to eject out of the wall, in the zone of thermal insulation. This type of installation has a positive effect on:

  • eliminating thermal bridges in the connection area of the window wall,
  • better temperature distribution in the bay window,
  • energy saving.

For installation of windows in the area of thermal insulation we use a special support bolsters and brackets. These are materials with appropriate parameters to ensure the durability and able to carry the heavy burden of energy-efficient windows. We have been using a recognized German company Knelsen.